Serious Tips For A River Cruise

Because I’m getting to an age when you don’t have to be ashamed of a lot of things anymore: Being tired in the evening, watching “Quickly Determined”, thinking instead of talking or also: The first river cruise. Together with a tourist of my closest trust, I was recently invited by AROSA to our personal maiden voyage ex LYON on the Rhone. cruise Arosa

River cruise AROSA: Is that something for us?
We both quickly agreed: river cruises are for old people. But also for medieval. And for young people and partly also for families. Anyway, it was something for halfboys – for us. Why then does the nimbus of the Grey Panther cruises stick to the river cruises? Decide for yourself whether a river cruise would be an option for you: Here are our (only meant tips. The most beautiful moments – with video and photos of the shore leave are also available – to read extra.

There’s always something to do. Always.

Say goodbye to the idea that you will rest on board. You won’t. You will browse handouts, information leaflets and harbour plans. As soon as the first finished forms have been read and/or filled in, new envelopes are attached to the door. And to make sure you don’t miss anything, you’ll read everything, everything. Just like us: We were curious every day. We really only spent the nights in the cabin, otherwise, we would have missed something. On deck. There, on the other hand, books are rarely taken up. Rather to the camera, to the next glass of champagne or after his cap – because of the Mistral.

Those who do not stay on board go through the city (Avignon, Arles, Viviers, Lyon) or take part in an organized excursion to the surrounding area – which, however, takes some getting used to for individualists. If not enough people get together, the excursions are cancelled. Unfortunately, you often have to decide whether you want to explore the historic city or the dreamlike surroundings – unfortunately, you can’t have everything during the short stops. Difficult decisions for us every day, which we always wanted to see everything.

It’s all organised.

For travellers who are used to organizing their own trips from Australia to Vietnam to Slovenia, it’s hard to get used to someone else organizing everything for you. And that there are lists you can sign in if you don’t want to miss anything. For the a la carte dinner, for the packed lunch, for the ship management, the excursions anyway (extra handout!), as an expression of interest for a massage or for a hand treatment in the lounge. Even the luggage is provided with different coloured bows, so that it finds its way into the right plane. WOW. Sometimes unexpected questions arise, such as “Why can’t you go ashore when you’re in Vienne for almost half a day?

Never forget your map.

Forget the glasses, the smartphone or the map. But never her land walk map – this also applies to participation in organized excursions. The first time I messed up everything that was possible: no landgang card, no booking confirmation on the woman. The Ardèche excursion nevertheless took place with me: The crew is open to discussion. But maybe I was only too clearly recognisable as a river cruise freshman. If you do not return your card on board in time, you are wanted. We usually made it back on board in time before the aperitif called us in.

Fun and Fitness? Yes, there is also on board.

There is no excuse: ergometer and crosstrainer with a river view are available and even gymnastics in the morning is offered. On board, we carry touring bikes and during our trip, we offered three bike rides. Unfortunately, one was not allowed to borrow them individually and was thus bound to the guided routes, which I personally would completely redesign and extend – if anyone asked me. But I myself only took part in Avignon – and after the bike ride, I quickly conquered the city on the run, also a kind of fitness. Sauna and steam bath are of course heated up all day and yes, I warmed up there after the Mistral attack.

No, you won’t lose any weight. And: Do not travel during Lent.
If you go on a river cruise during Lent, you are to blame yourself: you will fail miserably. We were allowed to take a look in the kitchen: I can’t believe what happens in this room every day.

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