Travelling With Rental Car

Shared joy is double joy – we have all probably heard this saying more than enough. But it’s just so true! Especially when travelling this everyday wisdom comes to mind again and again. Now we’ll tell you why road trips for two, three or even six are much cooler than travelling alone.

Travelling together connects

Climbing a steep mountain together, eating the best burger, overcoming language barriers or haggling on the market – such experiences combine! On your travels you end up in many great and exciting situations, which together are even more fun. Of course, you can also experience adventure on your own, but memories you can’t share usually fade much faster. A sunset experienced together is even more spectacular, a road trip together with your loved ones even more intense.

Share the exciting moments on the way and the beautiful memories back home with your loved ones. This will bring you even closer together.

Alternate relaxed driving

Especially travelling with a rental car is not only more fun, but also much more relaxed and safer. To travel long distances in unknown surroundings requires a lot of concentration. Our tip: Choose not only one main driver for your rental car, but also one or more additional drivers. So you can alternate on the way and every driver has the opportunity to take a break. This increases safety. Exhausted drivers become inattentive more quickly.

Driving alternately is not only more relaxed, but also ensures a better travel experience. Observing the passing landscape while driving is an essential aspect of every road trip. If you are not the only driver, you can concentrate fully on your beautiful destination in between instead of on traffic signs and oncoming traffic.

Mastering problems together

Everything rarely goes according to plan when you travel. Obstacles and detours are part of the experience – often the best adventures and the most curious stories emerge. At first, however, unexpected problems can quickly trigger panic. However, this is much less the case if you have direct support. Even if neither you nor your travel companion are car experts: In the event of a breakdown, two people are much more likely to keep a clear head. After all, you are not alone with your problem.

Benefit from your respective strengths and think of a way out of the mess together. Surely you will soon be able to laugh together about your unexpected experiences.

Travelling together is cheaper

If you are travelling alone, you will have to cover the full cost of the rental car and the fuel will be deducted completely from your travel budget. If you don’t want to sleep with strangers in shared rooms, you have to invest in a single room. This, too, is usually considerably more expensive than half a double room. Travel with a companion and save money. Even if you are only travelling in pairs, the costs are halved in many places, with a small travel group it usually becomes even cheaper.

Of course, not only rental cars and accommodation offer potential savings. Common food purchases are cheaper than single portions and also with many enterprises you can divide the costs. Expert tip: Share your luggage and save on flight costs. For longer journeys, hand luggage may not be enough, but half a suitcase would be enough? Then only one of you books the expensive ticket with luggage and you share the suitcase and surcharge.

Real conversations instead of small talk

No question: Meeting people, listening to stories and getting to know new attitudes are some of the most beautiful moments of travelling. But not every encounter on the road is directly a profound experience. Many conversations with other travellers or locals are just small talk. This is also fun, but after a while it can be exhausting to answer the same questions all the time.

It’s even nicer if you have someone with you who you know really well. You can talk to your partner, your girlfriend, your friends or your family about things that new acquaintances probably wouldn’t understand. After many new encounters and relaxed conversations, talking to someone who really knows you is incredibly good.

Best prepared against homesickness

Perhaps not everyone is familiar with the feeling of homesickness when travelling – at least not to the same extent. When we travel, we are usually far too busy with our adventures to think of home. But sometimes the longing for home creeps up on us. If you feel homesick all too well, we advise you to pack a travel companion. Then you always have a piece of home with you. Because let’s be honest: home is usually where our hearts are.

If, contrary to expectations, you feel homesick despite your valued travel companionship, at least you have someone on your hand to talk to about it – see point 5!

Finally the right time

In addition to work, household, hobbies and other obligations, there is often far too little time in everyday life for the really important things: time with your loved ones. Just hang out with friends, do something with your family or go out with your partner – that’s what’s fun most of all! When you travel together, you finally have plenty of time for each other again. No matter with whom you travel: Use the time out with your travel companion and catch up with what has too little room in the stressful everyday life at home. Enjoying a meal together in peace, trying something new together or simply doing nothing at all is valuable and liberating.

Our tip: It’s worth taking a little holiday home with you. Motivated by the time you spend together, create little holiday islands in your everyday life and spend a little more time at home with friends and family.

Travelling Alone

Not every person travelling alone is searching for meaning. There are many reasons to discover the world alone: You decide about the destination country, about the next stage of your journey, about the daily routine, whether you travel on or stay. Not having to compromise means maximum freedom, but also planning effort and responsibility. We have compiled the most important information about travelling alone for you.

Plus freedom to travel: The advantages of travelling alone
Living alone is now standard practice in Germany. For many people, travelling alone is something special. While there are many backpackers today who travel alone, package holidaymakers still travel in groups to a large extent.

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